Saturday, March 10, 2012


I am finally finished unpacking, and in general, am very pleased with my efforts. I showed restraint, and only bought what I really, really liked, and what I really needed. We didn't shop till we dropped, since we are both too old for such foolishness. We shopped until I couldn't stand on my poor old feet, but I definitely did not drop.  I found two tops, and one black sweater tunic that just did not photograph well. But have a gander at the ones I did manage to capture digitally.

It was difficult to find things at this time of year, since the summer things weren't in, and the winter things were all gone. But the benefit was, that the prices were irresistible!  

On the skincare front, I purchased an entire collection from CeraVe.  The line was very highly rated by Paula Begoun. A huge 16 ounce tub of all purpose moisturising cream,  moisturising lotion (that lives by my bedside) an AM Moisturiser with an SPF of 30, a PM Cream and a  hydrating cleanser (dry to normal) for me, and a foaming cleanser (normal to oily) for the man.  I wanted a lower priced skin care routine, so here's hoping this is it! I am thrilled that the price of all of the products I need on a regular basis equal what I have been paying for my night cream. 1 measly ounce of it!  That sure doesn't go as far as these products will. The performance of all of the products so far has been excellent, so hopefully, I have solved one little problem in my life. 

Did I mention that the labels will peel off cleanly, leaving faceless white bottles to live on my counter? I know. It is an obsession. I love having plain containers for my products.  The only problem I run into is when there are two identical containers for two different products.  Well, no system is perfect, is it? 

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