Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some people don't have the sense to go to bed at night....

and tonight, I happen to be one of them. I have been working on my budget. Things are working out surprisingly well, since I have cut out just about every item that is not necessary.  I have been pleasantly surprised every month's end so far this year, when I have been able to squirrel away a my target amount. Mind you, some months, especially when you go shopping in the US, it is a little more difficult than others!  Hubby has needed an entirely new wardrobe since his illness, and that has been a constant drain. But his weight has stabilized now, so no more trashing two week old pants because they are too big for him! 

We were out and about today, stocking up on Gluten free products. Bread and pizzas. The stuff that makes life worth living.  I am really trying to lose my 'holiday gain', so tonight we had kale, potatoes and a nice bit of cod for supper. Everything was fine, until the man asked if I wanted a grilled cheese sandwich...sigh. Then, of course I had to crack the bag of holiday M&M's that were stashed in the pantry. So much for losing a pound today. Tomorrow, I hopefully will do a bit better.  Not really a big priority these days to lose - mainly because I am tired of finding nice clothes and then having to get rid of them because they are too big, but on the other hand? I do not want to go back up the scale. It is always such a struggle. The trick is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again!

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