Friday, December 2, 2011

My Little Black Book

Time to break out the new calendar, add the trip dates and appointments that I have for the first few months, make a budget for the coming new year, so basically, I spent a day in the office, tossing, planning, reflecting. 

Yesterday, I went wild and had lunch out. We went to Kelsey's and I had the usual...a baked potato and shrimp skewers. I love restaurants that will let you order sides without the main meal! I don't know what got into me today though...I started out on carbs, and just couldn't leave them alone. There was one lonely little potato in the basket, so it ended up as breakfast fries. When you are by yourself, who's gonna know? Lunch was a salami sandwich - as the years go by, I resemble Dagwood in my sandwich skills. Love to add cucumber and lettuce to just about any protein that I can find in the frig!  Supper was shameful. Two bags of Cheetos (170 calories a bag, but NO nutrition!) and a Fresca.  Yep. I didn't do too well today!  Ah well. The man will be home tonight, and then I will be back on track.

There were a ton of errands I had to do today, but the wind was whistling again, and I just did not want to venture out.  We are back on the road again, for a week, so the cupboard is purposely bare. Meal planning is really working out well because I haven't had to throw out a single thing since I got back on the wagon. Hmmmm. That is what I forgot to do today!  I guess in the back of my mind it isn't necessary to do until we come home. All those hours in the car will give me lots of time to think!

I have reverted to carrying a little notebook with me EVERYWHERE. Just a simple little black book that contains everything from appointments, to wardrobe lists, window dimensions, budgets and spending records.

I kept track of our budget for years with Quicken, but since my computer crashes, I just didn't bother anymore, prefering to go from day to day, knowing we were on track, but not really having a hard record. It is mainly out of curiosity that I keep track.  These days?  I really don't have a clue anymore what we spend on clothing or any other household category. Generally, I guess, there is a figure floating around behind my eyes, but with the need for things like new clothing coming so regularly now, I think it would be interesting to really figure out how much we need for those expenses. We have always operated on the 'squeaky hinge gets the oil' principle. Whoever needed it the most, got it first! At this stage of life, though, we don't seem to need much, and there isn't a wait to fulfil a need!  It kept me busy to keep up with my clothing needs due to weight loss, but now, the man has me back on that hamster wheel more often. He seems to grow out of his wardrobe faster than I can shop for replacements!  I think he will level out soon, as his appetite is coming back, so soon it will once again be all about me! 

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