Friday, December 16, 2011

Who in their right mind puts five cookies in a box....

and expects you to seal them up again? So much easier to eat them and be done with it. My biggest mistake. I have been sick all day. I do not understand how people could eat like that on a regular basis. I always pay for my sins, it seems. I hadn't eaten a lot yesterday, and after eating one after supper,  thought, hmmmm what the heck, may as well keep the rest  from going stale. NEVER will I do that again. Cookies are best consumed by 2's. One to taste, and one to enjoy! I have been feeling queasy ever since. I am not good with sweets, and really should know better. But I don't! LOL

So, today, I managed to get a little housework done, and bit of grocery shopping. Having eaten the new Schneider's Naturals hot dogs last week, and watching dear granddaughter consume them with gusto, I bought a pack to have while she is here. I must admit that no matter how complicated I get with my  menu plans sometimes, I do prefer simple meals best of all. Jazzing up tinned beans with various ingredients, and baking them till they are a deep brown, could fool Julia Child, I am sure. But who really cares if it didn't? As the song says "After you've been eatin' steak for awhile? Beans, beans taste fine!"

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