Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Shoes and Other Semi-Painful Experiences

Yep. Wore a pair of new shoes out today. They were so cute, but I must admit there will be a bit of a break in period with them.  The big toe nail on my right foot has a bit of a pressure "memory" even as we speak!  New clothes are nice, but you just never know how an item will perform until you actually wear it.

Take, for example, last week, when I wore my lovely new velvet top.  During our nice lunch, I had to keep an eye on  the empire seaming, so it wouldn't strike back....up the way it came on!  I looked down and there it was, all bunched up on TOP of my boobs!  Not a good look.
 You can't really see the under bust seaming but it is there.  It is a combination of the slippery fabric backing, and my boobs being just a little, shall we say, lower than they should be? (Okay, downright droopy.  After sixty one years on the planet, every body part is travelling south. I can accept that fact. Too bad this tunic can't!) Necessity being the mother of invention,  I am thinking of fashioning some sort of ribbon tabs to the seams and then tacking the ribbons to my bra. That ought to hold the top in place! Someone should invent a product like that gooey stuff they stick samples into magazines with, to use on garments.  Until they do, I will have to make do with little gold pins and bits of ribbon.  Life is never simple, is it?

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Anonymous said...

Hellooo! How about those little circle velcro's? :) Enjoying your blog! Hope you're keeping warm...tis cccold up north!