Monday, December 12, 2011

Getting ready for our little visitor....

Over the past few days, and as many visits to the dollar stores, I am finding things to fill a "busy box" for our little guest. We always had a busy box at home...a simple shoe box that my mother tossed odds and ends into, that could easily be transformed into something wonderful with our imaginations, a scrap of fabric,  a piece of string and a bit of glue!  Now, for our dear granddaughter, we have sticky foam sparkly princess things, and foam sheets on which to glue them. There are pom poms, double sided sticky tape, school glue and googly eyes. Glitter is a bit too messy for a three year old, but I was really tempted! Common sense won out, so I settled for a box of Princess  sparkly stickers that will thrill her to no end! I will wander around the house when cleaning this week, with an eye to adding to the odds and sods that will round out the box.  I know I have some buttons and ribbons around here someplace!

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