Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I gave it a valiant effort....BUT

I am inclined to believe that containing all of one's toiletries to a single container is absolutely impossible.

I spent the better part of this morning sifting, sorting, tossing, tidying, and still? I seem to need  so much more room than one little bag affords!  The cupboard is a lot emptier, now that I have purged the excess. Although, I am inclined to admit that I still have a lot of excess!

I kept two groups of for summer, and one for winter. Winter calls for a darker lipstick, paler blush and powder, and for the dress up occasions, I even break out the eye shadow! In winter I use porcelain shades - come summer? I break into the ivory shades. I don't tan, I "PINK" so there is a colour shift, but not that dark bronze glow, that is for sure! Summer on the other hand, requires a peachy blush, a slightly darker powder and a bit of mascara.  Lip gloss  colours for all seasons range from a pearly pink to a classic red, plus a classic deep rich red mineral lipstick to use as a "foundation" when I really want to fuss. Then, of course, there is a the problem of different brands of the same type of product. REALLY????  As things get used up, I will repurchase  the products that I like the most, and that should bring the inventory a down!  For now? This is the best I could do.

The bonus to it all, is that the hanging toiletries bag fits into my suitcase perfectly, so I will just have to slip it into my case on top of everything else, and hang it up at our destination. I have a similar one to contain underwear, and that is really handy too. Since losing weight, I now only have the items that I use constantly, and they would all fit very nicely in the hanging whatzit  that is currently hanging  empty in my closet waiting to be used for travelling....hmmmm...maybe I should rethink my drawer organization and just keep my undies close at hand in the closet for one stop dressing?

Maybe another day, because right now? I have a bed full of stuff to toss or put away!

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