Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday

Means I should spend my day in front of a screen, right? This morning, I woke up and watched TV, then made brunch. While we were away, I bought  this little deep fryer.
Now. I know that deep frying is a big 'no no' in the dieting world, but I don't know a single soul that does not splurge out at a restaurant, on deep fried things! I am only human after I not crave grease? 

The problem is, with Celiac's disease, you can't even have a touch of gluten, and since  most restaurants do not have designated deep fryers to prepare gluten free foods, I do not have the luxury of just slipping by a restaurant and pecking at an onion ring on a whim. They fry onion rings, chicken, fish, the whole shebang in one vat of oil. So? Now, when I have that super craving for something crispy and delish, I can make it myself. It will not replace my Greenpan or my broiler by any stretch of the imagination, but when those cravings hit? I am ready for them!

To test it out this morning, I made cubed breakfast potatoes to have with our omelet. They were fabulous. Really!  Crunchy, and so much tastier than the low-fat Superfries that I usually buy. As soon as breakfast was over, I went to the freezer and dumped the bag of Superfries!  They have a funny taste to them, compared to home made, and I really can't remember when I bought them last!  They were languishing in the freezer taking up room that tasty food could occupy! They just don't taste good to me anymore. Homemade ones? Taste wonderful!  While I was watching 'educational TV' the other day (The FOOD channel, to be exact!) Michael Smith explained the process of deep frying. He said very little oil gets into the food if you have the oil at the right temperature. When  you see the bubbles running out of the food? That keeps the oil from running into it! And this little fryer maintains the oil at a perfect temperature. The little cubes were just a hoppin'! So, there you go. At long last, I had tasty breakfast potatoes, just like the other kids!  So endeth my adventures in the kitchen on this wonderful Monday morning/afternoon!

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