Saturday, November 26, 2011

Shopping on Black Friday and Living to Tell the Tale

The first, and most important thing, was that I did all of my shopping BEFORE the massive sales. I am quite content with what I found AND the prices I paid. The biggest bonus was not having to fight crowds, or stand in massive checkout lines because some marketing strategists wanted me to!

However, I am not made of stone. I did stop at three stores on the way home today...finally, after suffering through Catherine's and the Dress Barn, I went to good old Macy's. I found the jeans I liked, tried them on, and was told by the clerk that they were going off sale in two minutes! What????  I was ready to pay full price for them, but hey, you can't argue with a discount of more than 50% ! I toddled up to the cash immediately to pay for them. Incidentally, they fit like a glove and are a size smaller than my last pair.  I am very fond of the "tummy tamer" jeans, and these just as comfy as my old pair, but a lot less droopy. LOL That was my only purchase this Black Friday. The two women's stores had nothing that interested me. Why do fat clothes have to be so ugly? The prints and styles are just too old for me...and I am 61!

 I have become very fussy! I have so many items because I had the "grab anything while you can and never let it may never find another" mentality.  It makes me shudder to think how much waste there was in my closet!  I now look at the garment first, and the price tag second.  Realizing that there will always be something out there for me to wear is a major life changer. I  am pleased to tell you that I would have bought every item in my shopping bag at full price,because I loved it that much. Bonus to find them on sale, but it is a bigger bonus to know that every item works with a lot of other items I own.  It hurts to dispose of "perfectly good clothing",  BUT not as nearly as much as it hurts to have all that stuff hanging around, not being used, cluttering my life and my closet!  Face it, if it were all that great? I would have worn it.  I don't think I am the only one guilty of harbouring clothes well past their best before date. The trick is to only buy what you love, and that is PERFECT for your body, your personality and the life you lead.

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