Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1

All the articles I have been reading lately are about fall wardrobes. Come on people! I just finished gathering together my summer one! Ah well. I guess I should start thinking of woolly sweaters and new jeans, but bonus! I did that last spring, so now I just have to get used to reaching for them in the closet, giving them pride of place over my summer goodies. I will have to purchase a couple of winter dresses for cold nights out, and a new long dress coat, but other than that? I think I have the bases covered. Does that sound like a "famous last word" statement?

To tell the truth, my heart is already in Mexico and the Caribbean. For someone that barely owned two summer dresses, I have morphed into a definite summer person! (as long as there is ocean in sight!) There are still things in my closet that I have not worn yet, so while the sun shines? I will have to make an effort to test drive them before packing them to take on holidays. We are planning five weeks away this year, so that doesn't leave much winter to deal with. December and February, mainly.

Breakfast: two eggs, fried (non-stick pan) English muffin, Cheez Whiz
Lunch: Tuscan flavoured potato chips - my bad
Supper: Two bison tacos
Snack: Marshmallow cake

I am losing interest in eating well, it would appear. But tomorrow is another day.

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