Thursday, September 2, 2010

Age old question....

My new purse arrived!

It is a MAXX python leather, and has all sorts of organizing pockets, inside and out. There is also a detachable wristlet, that will be very handy for travelling, as it will hold every bit of makeup that I need, close at hand.

The garage is still holding the aftermath of the wet sale we tried on Saturday, so sometime today and tomorrow, we will drag everything to Goodwill or back to the empty spots in the storage room! Still haven't deposited the proceeds though!

My hair appointment is at ten this morning, which begs me to ask the age old question all women have asked at one point or another. I wonder what I will look like this afternoon?

Breakfast: two poached eggs, toasted English muffin with Cheez Whiz
Lunch: 350 calories worth of chips. Sigh. My weakness. And a Fresca, of course.
Supper: 300 calories worth of mac and cheese. Six beet pickles. 1/2 can of green beans.

Snack: Two slices of rosemary ham, a Vlasic dill pickle and a laughing cow cheese wedge, with a cup of tea.

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