Friday, September 4, 2009

What on earth can I take for lunch?

Without the good old sandwich, lunches are a lot more difficult to plan. Maybe a bit of roast chicken, some baby carrots and some pickles? Maybe baked beans? Nummy but, hmmm not so good for obvious reasons....

For some reason, sitting all day makes me ravenous, so I don't think an apple and 28 gms of Cheetos will do for lunch...maybe a salad? Too messy. Veggies and a bit of dip, and some meat, or cheese will have to suffice. And fruit for dessert....lots of water, too. Have you tried the Chrystal light packages for water bottles? They are pretty good, so one bottle of water will have that little treat in it. I could always put some egg salad in a bit of lettuce, like a cabbage roll. That would be good. could also put a bit of Feta, some chicken, cucumber and black olives with a bit of dressing, roll it up with a couple of leaves and hmmmm....a pita pocket without the pocket!

I guess I will make out okay with the lunches after all! Just wish there was a website for making lunches when you can't rely on the standards. "Weird Ways to Deliver Fillings" would be a catchy title...

Friday's menu:

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, glass of milk

Lunch: Apples, plums, peanut butter and crackerbread

Supper: Taco Soup with tacos and cheddar cheese - an odd time to make soup because it is so hot out...I might rethink I have my heart set on Taco soup!

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