Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Holding my own...

to spite having blueberry pie for supper last night! Who knew gluten free could be so exciting! It was a nice ending to the t-bone steak and salads that made up the main course. We ate out on the deck to spite the visits from wasps and assorted bothers. This year it seems that we didn't spend any time out there at all, as it was raining most of the time we were in town.

This weekend will be busy, and I have no idea what to prepare for lunches during the assembly. Sliced meat, pickles, and veggies are always good, and very portable. Salads have a nasty habit of locating themselves on my chest, so not a good idea. Best to have dry, easy to eat things that are DRY!

I am still waiting for the clothing I ordered before we went away, and really hope it gets here before we leave for BC. Since a lot of the stuff I will want to take with me on vacation in January, I would like to give them a trial run before we leave. This is the tail end of summer and it will be the last time I could break in summery clothes!

Shopping our way home will be fun, even though we will be hitting the hot spots in Montana and North Dakota. Would so much rather be heading east to the land of multiple Avenue stores! You just never know what you will find, or where. I still remember finding my favourite black turtleneck sweater in an out of the way Wal-mart at midnight for a mere five dollars. Like an idiot, I left the store with only one. DUH Things like black turtlenecks need to be purchased by the gross. As it turned out, this thing washes like a dream, is 100% cotton (which may have been the red flag that stopped multiple purchases) and next to the skin feels like nothing! Cue Frank Sinatra.....regrets, I've had a few....

So, lets talk food!

Breakfast: two scrambled eggs, one piece of crackerbread with butter, ketchup and three slices of bacon (the 2 slices for 80 calorie kind)

Lunch: not interested at the moment. If I get the munchies, I will hit the fruit bowl, and pair with a mini bag of cheetos. Yep. Lunch of champions.

Supper: a chicken breast in lieu of road kill meat my hubby wants to grill..not in the mood for it tonight, after last night's t-bone steak!

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