Tuesday, September 29, 2009

After all

the record keeping of calories and points, for how many years now? I have managed to lose and keep lost 44 lbs. That is it.

It is a struggle, and not always does the weight loss come when I have been "good". In fact? The other night, we had ribs for supper, and thinking I would have a five pound gain (water, and pure fat!) I woke up to a scale that was the lowest it has been in months. I have come to the conclusion that to spite what WW and any other weight loss outfit claims? You can only lose when your body is ready to shed, and not a moment before. I am hoping that my body is gettin' ready to shed a whole whack o' weight soon, because frankly? I am soooooooo losing interest in the whole process!

I have formed some habits to keep my calories low...automatically. For instance? My breakfast always includes two eggs. No longer do I eat toast, and lately? I haven't even had a gluten free cracker. I am just fine with an omelet with a bit of creamy Havarti to start my day. The odd day, when I am expecting to expend more energy, I have a couple slices of bacon ( an extra eighty calories)

Lunch is usually a salad or soup, or beans of some sort. Supper? Well, here I fall down. When I am on my own, it is fruit, and a nibble of salty somethings. If dear hubby is home, it is protein and veggies. The poor man has realized that big meals are just not coming his way any longer, and if he wants more than cornflakes and fruit for supper, he has to learn to rustle the pots and pans on his own. After all these years, he now knows how to produce pancakes, frozen pizza and various barbecued delights with a minimum of fuss. The really nice thing about this shift in meal planning and executing, is that we have a standing rule. If I cook, he cleans. And now that he cooks? He still cleans! Life just works sometimes.

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