Saturday, April 18, 2009

I wonder what my breakfast tasted like...

with this miserable cold, it is hard to know...but it looked right. Thank goodness I made my menu plan this week, though, otherwise I could easily utter death dealing sentences like "I don't care...why don't we order something in?" to my dear hubby who would jump at the chance to have a square meal with eight corners....

As it is? I have a plan. And even if I can't taste it, it will be food that I need. Such a shame to waste calories on things you can not taste. Since the menu plan originally called for tonight to be an "open" night, I have bumped the meals ahead a night - Rick will be out of town for a few days next week. "OPEN" can easily become soup and crackers when I am on my own, but he just doesn't feel like he has eaten when I give him something like that. He has to have a sandwich etc. to go with it, and by the time you clean up after that, it is just as easy to make a "real" supper.

HOWEVER back to today. I am going to make a shepherd's pie when I am done here, and it can be tucked into the oven when the mood strikes. I just may make two, and freeze one for later, although I don't know how the mashed potato topping will do. Iadd an egg to it, and some Philadelphia cream cheese to get that puffy topping. I also use extra lean ground bison, which is so much nicer than beef. It may be my imagination, but I do find it easier to digest. Basically, it should be the same though...a cow is a cow is a cow wouldn't you think?

On to the kitchen, and then my lovely recliner....ah, skip the kitchen. Ordering in isn't such a bad thing...SNAP OUT OF IT! GET GOING! OOps. Did I write that down?

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