Thursday, March 27, 2008

New day, new hair...

Ever notice that when you have a bad haircut, all you want to do is hide? Ever since my hairdresser moved last year, I have been bouncing from one disaster to another. Yesterday, I think I finally found someone to cut around the cowlicks, and mix the right colours to keep me looking okay. Whew. Just in time! I have a mani-pedi appointment booked for tomorrow too, so this has been a real 'lady' week for me. My only question is what colour toe nail polish goes with varicose veins? Where can I join the ladies that lunch bunch?

I have brought out all of my summer clothes, freshly laundered them all, and spent the morning organizing it all in the closet according to colour and "kind" - I have the mini boutique set up to shop from, so now, all I have to do is to find what goes with what and put together outfits to take. Not as easy at it may seem. What works in theory, does not work in reality.

Dresses are my first choice of cool to wear items, but my favourite two piece outfits consist of cotton bottoms and a black t-shirt. For some reason, I feel like myself in that combo, and can go quite wild on the colour of the bottoms as long as it is sandwiched in between black shoes and a black t-shirt! I don't want to over pack but at the same time, heat makes you grimy, and you need at least two changes a day. I have the little containers ready to receive the mini doses of lotions and potions - they are drying on the counter as we speak. Tomorrow I will get Rick to pick up a voltage adapter kit from CAA on the way home from the airport. Can't live without a curling iron, no matter how good the cut!

As for the toiletries? I had the rather brilliant idea to use a mesh laundry bag to put the little lids and containers in the dishwasher, rather than trying to sanitize them in the bathroom sink. Worked like a charm, I am happy to report! So it will be a snap to fill them and put them in the quart sized bag they allow on the plane. Although I am taking the majority of clothing in a suitcase to check in, I am not trusting enough to go without a change of clothes and a bathing suit in case of loss. I have lost my luggage twice on flights, and it is not pleasant wearing the same clothing until your case catches up with you!

I finished off the very last cabbage rolls for lunch today....I still can't believe so much goodness is only one point. Man, I am going to miss my own cooking! LOL But the nice thing about being waited on hand and foot, is that all you have to do is ask, and food appears. So, staying on program will be relatively easy once we are on board. I am so looking forward to having fresh fish! I could eat fish and potatoes and be quite happy for a long time!

It is getting there and back that will be the danger zones for me. Airplane food is poison, but I have a way of coping with it. There is usually something that is somewhat edible on the tray, and since hubby doesn't need the full whack of calories either, I simply steal from his tray. Works out rather well! I really must pick up some sort of purse food for sugar lows though. Sigh. So much to do, so little time.

That being said? The sun is shining and boots are no longer recquired every time you leave the house. Life seems just a little bit easier, doesn't it?

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