Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A beautiful day in the neighbourhood...

It was a lovely crisp winter day today. Went out in the morning, and had lunch with "Reuben Sandwich Girl"....this time? We had Gardinay Potato and Leek soup to go with the Reuben...mmmm good! Add a Fresca, and I was in hog heaven!

Supper was three, yep, three bowls of cabbage soup. I made cabbage rolls this afternoon (I used Bison again, and it worked out to be 2 points per cabbage roll!) and after steaming the head of cabbage, the water smelled too good to just toss out, so I added the scraps of cabbage, some chicken broth, and some carrots, and leftover chopped onions. I tossed in a handful of peas just before serving for a little hit of "green"...although, I think it would be better without them....simple, plain, and oh so good! So, now? I am paying for all that cabbage! Good thing Rick is out of town, and I have 'freedom of expression'! Note to self. This is not a soup to serve to company!

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