Friday, July 20, 2007

Activity Points

So, this is how it works. I set the timer for ten minutes, do what I have to do around the house and get one more point added to my “account”. How sweet is that deal? When the cookies start calling, I can wash the paint off the walls, in ten minute increments. Each load of laundry could be washed and ironed twice, and mattress flipping just might qualify as an Olympic sport. Good thing the boy has left home, or he would be scrubbed raw under the general category of cleaning. Now, whoever put the Weight Watcher’s program into the universe must have had a great sense of humour. Not only do you gain goody points, but you also benefit by having a very clean environment. Of course, if you are the outdoorsy type, you would likely prefer being in the sunshine, letting your skin turn that nice leathery brown while speed walking to Sobey’s. Not me. This body came in a lily white wrapper, and it is best for everyone if it stays that way. Hell hath no fury like a woman burned.

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