Saturday, October 24, 2015

Well look what I found!

I thought this blog would have been swept away by now.  Life has changed so much over the last six months, and all for the better, I may add!

Health issues had me down for the count for quite awhile, but my strength is coming back and I am poised over the keyboard ready to regale you with stories of my new found life!  The first good thing, was the birth of our second grandchild! A bonny wee baby, born in May. We are totally in love with her, and of course, her big sister. Funny how life just gives you way more than you deserve, doesn't it?

Anyway, we have a new life in Saskatchewan.  I love being home, and in a smaller community.  Winnipeg was just getting too big for these old folks!  The new house requires quite a bit of work, but all in all the bones are good. And as I heard repeatedly when I asked mundane details about the house, such as "is there a closet for coats", THE GARAGE IS 24X24!! IT HAS A WORKBENCH ADN ROOM TO PARK MY TRUCK!!! IT IS DRYWALLED!!!! PAINTED WHITE!!! ROOM FOR MY GOLF CLUBS....well, I gave up after awhile, because every question ended with a golden review of the manshack! Two actually. He also has a garden shed that is big enough for the patio furniture and the barbque!  And the hose box, and the cushion box...and the pots....get the picture? LOL Priorities are so different for each one of us, right?  Anyway onward and upward!

We have started by painting Rick's office, and the clothes closets over the course of this past week. There are three hall closets to paint yet (dishes, out of season coat closet and a linen cupboard. I thought they had lost some of my towels because there was so much room in there!  I counted them, and they were all present and accounted for!)  and we have already burned through three gallons of paint. There is a lot more to go, let me assure you! The house is circa 1953, and has all the "housewifey" things a woman could want to care for her family in that era. Plus some pretty cool modern closets with lights that turn on when you open the door!  Truly an atomic age new fangled gadget! LOL  There is a bit more square footage than our old house, but when the family visits, it will easily fill up, now that there are 6 of us.  There are two bedrooms down and a bath, with a large laundry room and get this folks, a cold room! Shelves upon shelves upon shelves for canning!  Add our chrome shelving from our old storage room and we have one super storage area for everything from pots to cans of beans!

The upstairs has three bedrooms, all about 12x12. So, in our wisdom, we put our bed in one, my dresser in another, and Rick's dresser in the third. I like air around my furniture! LOL  This is going to be the house we will grow old in, so it needs to be very easy to get around in, and take care of.  There is only one bathroom, as it was back in the day, but we are renovating that to accommodate us. There is a bathroom downstairs for company as well. I do have a "toilet on every level" rule to maintain after all!

We took possession on Sept 28 and the movers brought our stuff on the 1st of October. Then, unwrapped things and left them hither and yon. We managed to buy appliances without a divorce and will only have to exhange the range. It is a convection oven, as I have been used to, but this one roars. And even when the convection feature is off, the fan is busy. Not my favourite thing indeed. Reminds me of sitting for hours in a running vehicle, and that can drive a person to insanity.

Rick bought the house on a business trip. I had not seen it, but I must tell you, he did a wonderful job. I have always wanted a house of this era, and it will be a joy to bring back to life. I am aiming at the general feel of 1953...I don't think anyone wants to go back to wringer washers or not having a dishwasher! There are hardwood floors in the living and dining rooms, but there will be "happy tile" in the kitchen and dinette. Anyone else remember the wild tile patterns way back when? I found some vinyl that mimics the old rubber tiles, in the bright colours. We are keeping the old cupboards, because I love them. It would be so much easier to rip them out and redesign, but I like the cupboards that actually will hold your dinner plates without keeping the cupboard door ajar!  Rick has already installed sliding bins for recycling and trash, bread and pasta. There are two lazy susans so for the first time in my married life, I actually have food in my kitchen cupboards! He is off to Winnipeg for business, and I am hoping he will return with an appliance station and a little table for the dinette. There is so much to do in this house. For instance the bathroom. For instance 200 square feet of carpeting. For instance another 350 feet of tiling. But it will be done  hopefully over the next six months. I see no point in waiting to do things. I want to get on with life and enjoy ourselves!  We have already been to one show - Rosie and the Riveters.  Fantastic group of girls, extremely entertaining. We broke the pattern of our lifetime, "We'll have fun when the work's all done". We have officially taken our stance for the "We'll have work when the fun's all done!" team! I have had quite enough of isolation over the past few years. I want to get out there and observe, if not participate!

It seemed to me that there were a lot more things to do this move than cards, car safeties, utilities, telephone, internet, PHEW!  It has taken us three weeks to get around to all of these places and give them all of the information required.  But it is done now...just in time for the first snowfall! I thought I would be upset about leaving our old house, but no. I didn't even know where I was going to be living!  But Rick is a good man, and has always looked after me, especially the last couple of years when I have been at an all time low with my health. But I am on the come back trail now! I can even manage to stand for a few moments as I do things in the kitchen. I enjoy going out and getting groceries, and managed to do a whole Superstore the other day...if you don't count the aisles that I didn't need to buy anything from!  So life is good. And if perchance you stumble upon this blog, thank you for listening! It is nice you dropped by!

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