Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday morning....I really don't see why people don't like it! Mind you, I haven't had a job in over thirty odd years, so my "relax" time is when everyone else gets back to work, and I am left with my own little queendom to myself!

The bring home the bacon guy left for points west this morning at seven thirty or so...I immediately put on a load of dishes, folded laundry and came down to the family room to sort out all of the papers that have been accumulating over the move.

There were so many forms, booklets, and receipts!  I really didn't know where we stood financially, but I do know that we spend money wisely, and we haven't been going overboard...problem is that things like car and house insurance, taxes and appliances are expensive!  So, while there may not be any savings this month, there is a "break even" point. We haven't started our renos yet, preferring to let things sit for a bit while we really consider what we are doing. First instincts aren't necessarily right. For instance, once we got everything put away in the family room? The old carpet didn't look so bad. So, I will call in a professional, and get it cleaned. That will at least buy us time.

As for the bathroom, there is no time like the present. We have the vanity and sink waiting in the wings - all we need is our tile guy to rip down the Cowboy's efforts which basically consisted of taking a thousand dollars worth of materials and totally messing up the bathroom. The vanity was badly painted...even the handles! The countertop was nice, but far too big for the space. The tile was taupe. Problem is, the tub surround and tub are grey marble effect. Yeah, I know. Ugly. BUT we are going to put in a white floor ( the present one is a cork look...another shade of brown? Was the Cowboy colour blind?) The electrical shenanigans behind the mirror are dangerous. To add insult to injury, there was a lovely big hole that at one time housed a medicine chest.  Who wouldn't want that? The lights were on the side, but now there is one light at the top of the mirror. I would have preferred  side lights for the they provide good lighting I wonder?  We also need an exhaust fan installed. These are necessities in my books!  When we are done, we should be okay sharing one bathroom. We will be in there just long enough to "get the job done" and then move to our respective change rooms to polish of the remainder of our grooming. People managed large families with one bathroom, we should be able to manage two people!  Then of course, there always is the downstairs bathroom for the man of the house.....

So, there are the plans. Today I am waiting for a window repairman.  It will be nice to be able to close the dinette window before the winter sets in!  These little details will make a big difference overall. I don't know why the people that lived here did what they did...they had a fondness for mixing a lot of beige with grey. I don't know who sold them the floor in the kitchen, but it must have been someone with a lot of grey flooring to shift! It is horrible! Made even worse by the pink beige paint on walls and cupboards. So that will be the next project!  I think it would be good to start that one once the majority of painting is done, so we will just have touch ups to do, to keep the floor as clean as possible for as long as possible! Good thing Rick has a couple more weeks of holidays!  If we do one room a weekend, we should be done the upstairs by the new year. The kitchen will be time consuming, but the bedrooms and bathroom will go quickly...famous last words!  But it is good that Rick is optomistic because there is a whole lot of panelling to deal with here in the family room! I like this quirky old shack so much!  All of our stuff just sort of fits....every new house I ever lived in seemed to require purchase of a ton of stuff to make it homey...our old stuff never worked for some reason. This time? It is surprising what goes where, and how little things just seem to sing when they are placed in their new surroundings! My mission this week, is to put away the big piles in each room that came about after sorting piles that that the movers unpacked. Fun, eh?

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