Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Stalking the Pantry

I confess. I am a stalker. I spy, I pry. I interfere with the natural flow of foodstuffs into our house by observation.Although I love to peruse, I just can't seem to work up any interest in acquiring great amounts of food. I like to go to the grocery store and fill my eyes with neat rows of consumables. I fondly touch the spices that are lined up on the shelves and know better than to bring them home. I have tons of spices I never seem to use after that initial recipe. Having a pantry full of food to use up before we left our old house did this to me.  I kept imagining tickets to musicals on the shelf next to a box of tins. I found myself thinking "I could have gone there instead of buying all of this!" So, if there is a famine anytime soon, I will just have to live off of my ample reserves that I am carrying with me. The days of having a mini grocery store in my house are long gone. I rather morbidly think, what would the kids do with pounds of food that I might leave behind one day...after all, I have been suggesting pulling a Thelma and Louise trick to several of my friends. Worst luck, no takers. Even worse luck than that, none of us could find Brad Pitt or even a reasonable facsimile. At any rate, we are at the age where any meal could be our last. So we may as well buy week to week and let the future sort itself out! It is rather pleasant to visit a store, but between you and me? It is even more pleasant not having to drag it all home to place it in neat orderly rows on my cold room shelves! I am not completely adverse to the concept of food storage. Really. Even old people need a dozen cans of Bush's beans on hand.  And God help us all if we ran out of coffee for the Keurig or perish the thought, toilet paper! But all that other stuff? One week at a time please.

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