Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Tale of Two Cookers

It was the best of times... at first. We bought a slide in stove, with convection, turbo boost burners, a warming drawer, and tons of other features we didn't need. The first time I baked a cake, I pulled out the rack and it tipped my pineapple upside down cake right out of the oven. I guess you aren't supposed to pull out an oven rack more than six inches? What is with that I ask you? The oven also vented right above the oven door. Interesting design. Since I do a lot of my kitchen work in a sitting position, I was beside the stove, not in front of it, thank goodness. PLUS that convection feature? Sounded like a jet taking off. Even when I chose the regular bake cycle, it still roared...it was supposed to shut down after reaching temperature, but for the thirty minutes I required of it, the roar continued. To make a long story short, Sears was kind enough to take it back. BUT I had to pay a 69 dollar delivery fee. AND a twenty-five dollar pick up fee to return the old one. Hmmmm. Whatever. I now have a great, quiet little number that does a great job...plus? It has a new type of rack that you do not have to take out of the oven when you clean it! HOW GREAT IS THAT??? It is self-cleaning and is white. What is not to love!  And once again, credit goes to my dear hubby who purchased it for me. I am learning a valuable lesson from this whole moving experience. If you tell my man what you need, and what you want? He is quite capable of going out and buying it!  No need to micromanage this guy.  He is a much better shopper than I will ever be. He has stamina. Determination. A credit card. What else do you need?  This week he is in Winnipeg, buying a new kitchen table, a dressing table for my change room and some sort of storage unit also for my change room.  I can hardly wait!  Imagine. I will finally have a place to sit and do my makeup. Maybe I will even start wearing more of it?  I just lose interest in face painting if I have to do it standing at the mirror in the bathroom. We won't even venture into the blow drying, hair curling segment of getting ready. I often do that sitting down on that cold white chair, without aid of a mirror in the bathroom. Imagine. A warm seat. A drawer to put my tools in. Sigh. Life will be good!

Anyway, all of these choices to be made when you move into a new to you house are quite daunting. But I am going to restrict myself to doing one room at a time...when it comes to contracting out that is.  The painting is easy. Just paint it all white, and sort out the accents later. Not that builder beige they call white, but a lovely soft pure cotton white. We had all three bedrooms in our other house painted in Decorator White and there was never a moment when I didn't love it. It always looked fresh. It made any little bit of colour "pop". It was so soothing and restful, and bright. I am going whole hog in this house, with the exception of a couple exciting feature walls. Lime green, coral red...yep, your basic neutrals! And of course my sixties rumpus room. It will remain paneled in birch, with a grass cloth panel above the chair rail. For some weird reason, I really like it down here. The furniture placement is a bit odd, due to the placement of plug-ins. Back in the day,  I guess there just wasn't the need for a lot of electrical outlets. There are three in this room. It is twelve by thirty.Yep. And one plug in is all mine for my desk. The other one fires the TV power bar. And that leaves one left over for a lamp in the TV viewing area.  In the end it was simple to arrange the furniture. We just put things where we could plug them in easily!

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