Saturday, August 4, 2012

Why oh why....

do things have to wear out and be replaced? Couldn't they just make life easier by letting you choose one set of appliances at the beginning of your life, and just let you keep living with them till the urge to cook has completely left your old frail body?

They compound the insult by adding features that as soon as you see them,  just gotta have them...that leaves me wondering if I really need a convection oven at this stage of my life. When we retire, will we not have time to allow the cook time an extra 25%? Where am I in a rush to go these days?  To warm up a can of soup on a cold winter's night, or roast a bird or two on a Sunday, do I really need the deluxe model? Well, turns out I do. I NEED  those industrial metal knobs with exotic red, heat resistant indicators set perfectly into the steel. 

Well, then there is that new type of lighting in the frig. I NEED the LED lights. I do.  How can I say no to a frig with lighting like the special effects on a StarTrek set? They promise me such easy visibility of soon to expire fruit, veg and dairy products. Why, to not purchase such a frig would be insane. I would be condemning myself willfully to a life of poor nutrition. Yep. Add that to the bill.

That leaves the dishwasher. Of course, we NEED to be able to configure the interior to deal with the  huge serving platters (that have a special place in the refrigerator for just such occasions) and other detritus from our huge cocktail parties....that we never have, but just might if we had such an easy way to clean the platters after the guests have left. 

The thing is, buying stuff for your real life, isn't nearly as exciting as buying into all of the possible lifestyle activities that are promised in an appliance showroom!  So, once again, we made our way home to our old reliable kitchen, where I made guacamole and taco chips for our supper. With a  good stiff Mojito in hand? Those old white boxes in the kitchen are lookin' pretty darn good!

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