Thursday, August 30, 2012

Adventures in Tupperland

So, I have done it again. Every once in awhile, I do go overboard. I might of made just a little splash on Monday night.

It wasn't my fault. There is something so compelling about the smell of the plastic, the glowing colours and the promise of sublime Martha-ness with every snap of a lid. It makes a room full of women reach mindlessly for their purses can not fight it. It is totally irresistible.  To this woman in particular.  I willingly, albeit eagerly, surrendered a sizable portion of the checking account to my friendly, informative pusher er, Tupperware representative. Sigh.

Dreams of a perfectly ordered freezer materialized as she extolled the virtues of the plastic.  I resisted.  I placated myself with a nice little storage set for the frig....they stack, you know. And it was two sets for the price of one! That means I could give one to my dear daughter in law, and we would both be well on the way to super efficient home cold storage.Why, the two cup container would be just perfect to corral those sweet snap peas, and the four cup? And who doesn't have cherry tomatoes to stow away every grocery day? Of course, I needed the small pickle keeper to stow away those refrigerator pickles that by their sheer homemadeness deserve a home more fitting than a mixing bowl with a tatty bit of saran on the top! It even has a great is a Pick-a-deli. Not a  glass mason jar, or a used margarine container....nope. This is pure class with its own moniker, not used by any other item of it's ilk. So smart...and coordinates perfectly with the stackable sandwich meat keeper. Imagine! Three levels of deli meat easily procured in one fell swoop from the depths of the Amana. The fact that we only buy one variety at a time just didn't seem important when I saw how the one lid topped three, count them, three levels of storage. Sigh. Maybe weak is an understatement.

I admit it. I am a weak woman when confronted with coloured bits of plastic promising more than the last wrinkle cream I bought. Hopefully, though, I will also be one with a super organized refrigerator, come two weeks or so, when the goodies are delivered! 

 In my defence, or rather in defense of my frivolity, years ago, I outfitted  all of my kitchen cupboards with modular mates. Every day I bless those lovely containers! I bought enough of them to contain every single product in my kitchen, from the smallest bit of spice to a bin to hold the jumbo sized box of cereal. They make my life so easy, and I literally have not had to clean the pantry from top to bottom since.  I simply take out the containers, wipe the shelves and replace them. I always know where to find something. Each time I use something, I make sure to put it back in its spot in the cupboard, wiped clean. The sticker shock of that little project has kept me away from Tupperware for quite a few years.  In a moment of weakness I decided that I could handle just one Tupperware party.....but as I know now, for an addict? One container is too many and a hundred is not enough.....

WELL, as I learned,  they have a similar product for the freezer. I know this will be the first purchase until every single frozen item is encased in flexible plastic, with purplicious lids. Of course, there are little snowflakes and a fill line to remind me not to overfill, to maintain maximum freshness. And such wizardry of design to allow maximum airflow between the containers. And who could resist the special for party goers only? A lovely set of ice cube trays that will not lose all of their water on the long trek from sink to the freezer....I HAD to order them, didn't I?  In the grand scheme of things, I am sure I am a minor player in the great Tupper game of life. I just can't tell you how exciting it will be to get rid of all the twist tie bags of frozen peas and half bags of shrimp! Imagine not having to fight with forty three bags to find the peas! Ah yes. Tupper dreams........ 


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pteney said...

Linda, I used to sell Tupperware ... outsold reps in the big city even ... I recognized ALL the items you talked about even before seeing the pics :-)

Hi, my name is Patti, and i'm a Tupperholic ... LOL