Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mani Pedi day!

Oh the pure joy of it!  How I do love getting pampered! I have found a good salon, that isn't extremely pricey - a real salon with privacy!  It was a very good experience. I was in the salon for two and a half hours, so yes, I really did get my money's worth!  Next on the agenda is a brow wax. Just may go for a polish change at the same time, once this stuff chips. Nice dark 40's red...gotta love that red polish on the old fingers!  See? 

 And LOOK! I have another one  just like it! And ten toes, too!

On the 'face front', I am in the midst of another skin care line trial, and so far so good. If it works, I will write more, but so far? I feel the calming effects, and I must say, so far it does feel like a good thing!

Cleaning day tomorrow, so must tidy up in the morning. I always swore I would never clean before cleaners came, but I guess some things are just meant to be taken back once you send the words out into the universe.  There are certain things I like to be put away, so they don't have to fuss with moving things - spend all of your time polishing and vacuuming, ladies!  LOL This is such a joy. Who knew that getting old would have such perks? My  number one perk was actually having nails to take to a salon to get worked on! Usually, one hard day of scrubbing and I am back to stumps.  I love having lady of leisure hands!   Years ago, I  invested in good rubber gloves...time to use them!

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