Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What shall it be in week number three of 2012?

In order to keep up with my "52 Weeks of Organizing" list, I have to pick my project for this week - and I have to choose quickly, since it is already Wednesday.  Since the office is finished and I don't have any clothes left in my closet to purge, I guess that leaves the kitchen...hmmm. I have been meaning to clear out a few of the bottom cupboards, and the one over the stove...  and of course the under sink area is always a challenge.  Yep. Kitchen cupboards it is.  May even get around to redoing the island and the metal shelving unit as well.  Or not! What really needs tackling is the hidey hole in the basement, but I am just not up to doing that while the man is away.

One of the first basic rules of organizing, is that you never take out more than you can put back in your allotted time. The theory is that you prevent getting  in a muddle and make things worse. Well, I was born to break the rules. I pull everything out at once, and put it back...several times until it feels right! I have learned to relax and enjoy the process.  Just when I begin to think that I will never get through it? All of a sudden, POUF!  It is all put to rights as if the shoemaker's elves had hit town!

The second rule of organizing, is not to clean.  Well, that is just not my cup of tea either. Granted, you can organize at lightning speed if you fore go the cleaning, but in the end, you have a neat dirty space. That makes no sense to me, but then again, advice from experts seldom does!  It takes a few extra minutes to clean things up as I go, and it is well well worth the time spent.

When it is all placed and polished there is always that twisted little "bonus" for the next few months - every time hubby empties the dishwasher items end up in the most unusual places...and of course, not their previous location! I find things in the oddest places. What exactly is goes on in his head?  However, in the end it is all worthwhile - the hours that I spent analysing the kitchen "real estate", putting things in their place  of optimum efficiency,  enables me to cook our simple meals within a 15 minute window  of prep time.. Although I love to try new recipes and experience different foods, I am not willing to do so at the expense of my time! Every moment counts, and often, just being able to lay your hands on a special piece of equipment will save you minutes.  Just like pennies add up to dollars, those minutes add up to hours! So, there you have it. The kitchen cupboards it is. Welcome to my decision making process! 

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