Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day is done....

and so am I. I picked up a bug and am running at less than half speed. Thank goodness for my wonderful daughter-in-law, who picked up the reins I dropped! We have been staying home and just enjoying each other's company. Since I wasn't up to going out for supper, we enjoyed pizza and a movie, compliments of our son. He wanted to take us out for supper and a movie, but that would have meant getting out of my robe, which is pretty impossible these days. Besides, watching a children's movie in the comfort of your own recliner  is good for old people! (Just watching Gelly's face as she took it all in was the majority of the entertainment!) Alas, Monday we go back to being empty nesters. After the initial collapse, I know there will be a great emptiness without the activity we have so enjoyed so much since the 23rd. The time flew by so quickly.

The first week of 2012 has already past. In another week, I will get on with more exciting tasks, but for now? I am quite content to keep up with the daily chores!

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