Tuesday, January 3, 2012

For the life of me...

I can not understand how people can be bored at home! In the early seventies, when we first married, my sole ambition was to be a home maker. When I did work outside the home, things just did not run as smoothly, and I quickly realized that when I did work, there didn`t seem to be that much more money anyway! There have always been  so many things for me to do, and  although often you are repeating tasks, there is a lot of creative energy to be spent right behind your own front door.  Although there isn`t a lot of money in my career choice, I have had a lot of satisfaction in keeping a home for our little family.

I did manage to finish my basic weekly chores today, although with the little one around, it did take a bit longer than usual, since those willing little fingers take time to instruct!

The treat for the day was supper at Perkin's, and yes! Kids do eat free on Mondays and Tuesdays. Our little one polished off two hamburgers with the grace of a linebacker. The highlight for her, was a trip to the 'garbage bag toy store' - named by our son when he was just her age. Now they put your purchases into a big red plastic bag, but back in the eighties they just used regular garbage bags! They have great bargains on toys of all sorts.  Stickers, pencils, books, dolls - everything a little girl could possibly want. Our little one walked in not knowing what she was in for, but left with the savy of an experienced  Rodeo drive shopper!  In no time she was instructing her Grandfather in to keep her sunglasses while she shopped, and making her choices with a definite opinion. No thank you, she had cards. And yes, please! That ``My Little Pony Air Balloon`` musical night light was just what she needed! And ooooooh these dolls are so pretty. I need two!(Even though Gramma thought they were wearing outfits that could have easily have been purchased from Tramps-R-Us, they ended up in the basket too!) Admittedly, we are spoiling her just a little, but that is what happens when you don't see them every day.  You have to cram a few months of attention into a mere week or two when there is such a distance between you. I am all too aware that when her parents return tomorrow, the jig is up! But, we have one more day. McDonald`s playroom here we come!

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