Monday, June 27, 2011


To keep Rick built up and in "fighting form", I have resolved to pack him full of good healthy things!  Today, I juiced seven carrots, two apples, seven stalks of celery and a pineapple, to give him throughout the day.  That is a good energy booster, too, because right now? He is fitting my bathroom with a new vanity!  I am excited about that one, because it has two drawers and a cupboard. When we remodeled, I opted for a pricey pedestal that never did work out well for me.  So, out with the old and in with the new...

I am getting heart palpitations just thinking of how orderly this will be compared to the hidden jumbles I have been hiding! We splurged on a nice shiny new set of taps, too, so all is good.

My weight, by the way, has leveled out. Last week, I was ready to jump off the nearest bridge, and my weight reflected the stress. A gain of three pounds a day? REALLY???? But, now it is going down, again, so there remains only five pounds over before. And that? Is because we were travelling for three months and not going near our own kitchen too much!

Thank goodness for the produce at Costco, though. Such good food and so good for you. Our new breakfast favourite is a spinach and mushroom omelet for breakfast, with red pepper, onion and Bergeron cheese. Oh my.

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