Monday, June 13, 2011

MMMMMM food!

My resolution to keep prepped veggies and fruit salad in the frig is really working for us. There has been very little spoilage this week, as it isn't a big deal to use the vegetables when they are cleaned, ready and waiting to be used. The mushrooms, onions and peppers were sliced, diced and waiting to be tossed into an omelet for our breakfast.  The fruit was chopped and waiting in a Tupperware container for our snack....of course, using the Nicer Dicer and the companion slicer gizmo makes the task a lot less tedious. I just don't have the knife skills to turn out perfectly chopped veggies like these little gadgets can!  Yesterday, I found some extra  containers for sale online, so in a week or so, I will be able to have containers of each veggies stored in the frig, ready and waiting. They are made of polycarbonate, and have very snug lids, so it will be nice to have a dozen of them ready and willing to stow away our good things! For now, though, I certainly need courage to extricate anything from the balancing act going on in the refrigerator!

In keeping with our resolution to only eat something with four legs once a week, I roasted a chicken for lunch today. With some roasted asparagus and a quickly made sauce, that meal was a great success as well. This roast beast will be reworked into a more meals over the next couple of days.

We have been really good about eating our five plus fruits and veg lately. Tonight, supper was a very generous portion of  Caesar salad. The dressing was simple and not quite as dangerous as most Caesar dressings are, so between the two of us? We polished off two heads of romaine. Oh yes we did! I started with a teaspoon of Dijon mustard, whisked in some healthy oil, some red wine vinegar and two cloves of garlic. After adding the prewashed and chopped (see? I really am getting the hang of this!) lettuce to the bowl, I tossed it gently in the dressing and then added shaved Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. For some reason? Tonight it was magic! I treated myself to two slices of Udi's gluten free bread, toasted and buttered. MMMM good! I put a couple of slices of cold chicken on my plate, but really didn't feel like eating them - the salad was just too good! So, back in the frig they went for later on.

All in all? I am very pleased with efforts in the kitchen today. How is that for a miracle?

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