Sunday, July 24, 2011

Missing in action....

This cancer thing is really time consuming, if nothing else.

Hubby's first chemo was last Monday and it was a relief to finally get started on the treatment. His treatments will really influence our food choices for the next few months. Basically, I have been spoiling him night and day, building him up for the onslaught to come. He has a good healthy appetite by nature, and isn't fussy, so it is easy to pack him full of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and protein that his body will require to fight the fine fight. He is resting more since his treatment on Monday, although he still stubbornly went out and cut the grass midday in bright sun. DUH. 

As the radiation treatments continue, they have warned us that his ability to swallow will be impaired as will be his sense of smell and taste. So, I will have to be quite creative in providing enough nutrients in small packages via the blender and food processor. It really helps that he isn't fussy at all, and loves milkshakes! You can hide all sorts of things in a bit of milk and ice!

A result of my treating him, has been a bit too much sampling by me. I plan to regain my loss over the remains of the summer, but this stress thing is very powerful. Hope springs eternal.

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