Saturday, May 14, 2011

Using one carry-on suitcase when travelling...

has long been my goal. I am getting somewhat better at choosing the right clothes to take, although there is always a lot of deliberation before we leave. This recent trip to Banff was definitely a step in the right direction.

My travelling outfit was a pair of grey yoga pants and a pink zip up top from Pennington's. The fabric used in the AE Sport line is really good. The pants do not bag after hours and hours of sitting. I don't think that was the original purpose of active wear, but hey, this is my life, right? I also needed two nighties and of course undies, a pair of black jeans, a purple T-shirt with a motif (for my 'my generation invented cool ya know' look!) a leather biker jacket, a gold T-shirt with long sleeves and coordinating scarf, and a dress up or down black velvet tunic with leggings. I also needed a pair of leather dressy shoes. My daily go to shoes are uber comfy black slip on style athletic easy to slip off when I am in the car! Of course that isn't all I took, but it is what I actually wore! The weather was so varied, that I found myself wearing my black leather jacket every day, with every thing. The zip top showed a couple of inches below the jacket hem, and to my surprize, did not look bad. I think it is a generational line to cross. Back in the day, it would not be a good thing to have something peeking out from the bottom of your jacket! Thank goodness we are living in a new century, where things like that are acceptable! The total number of garments that I could get away with is TWELVE! If I add a skirt, and panty hose, it is still an easy number of things to pack and tote. Now I have to figure out a similar wardrobe for a warmer season, and I think I will have have (please assume the voiceover for the DQ 'lips commercials') "NAILED IT!"

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