Monday, May 30, 2011

Flylady and My Recovery

Years ago, I stumbled upon a phenomenon. I was searching for a way to remove a stain from my driveway, when I happened upon this woman's website. She promised me the world...starting with a shiny sink.

Well, one thing led to another. She eventually wrote a book called Sink Reflections, and I was pleased as punch when she asked if she could use an email I had sent her in her book!(Check out the email about bath time - I am Linda from Winnipeg!) Of course, she sent me a copy, that I subsequently lent to someone and then forgot WHO. If it was you, would you please give it back?) Anyway I digress. Over the years that I have subscribed to her emails,I have found no end of good advice, not to mention solace and comfort when I was feeling overwhelmed by it all. I am a bit of a perfectionist, you see, but thanks to Flylady? I am in recovery.

It was absolutely liberating to find that it wasn't a universal requirement to vacuum daily (although in my mind, you have to get the tracks just so....she isn't a miracle worker, you know)or empty garbage when there was a single tissue on the bottom of the basket! Clearly, the woman was a godsend. Now that I have my house on a weekly cleaning schedule, I no longer dream of hiring a cleaning lady for three hours a week...I can do it all myself in an hour so why on earth would I pay someone else all that money for a simple 'House Blessing' that I can do Flylady style in an hour? With my memory being what it is, and if the mood struck, I could do my house blessing, leave the house with the saved money and the mall programmed into the GPS, then return to a "maid has been here" moment, if I wanted to experience a shiny house and an empty wallet simultaneously!

Anyway, part of the system is to work on a zone weekly. This week? It is the master bedroom and bath. St the least? I simply follow missions - at the most? I dig out all manner of evil things lurking in my drawers and cupboards and toss with wild abandon! I enjoy doing "girly stuff" - it is a little bit of Me time that I have been able to reclaim in my old age. When I was young, Saturdays were spent putting my room in order, organizing my drawer (yes, singular. The joys of having two older sisters!) Strange child, I know. ANYWAY, now that I have all sorts of things for my inner child to play with and appreciate, I quite enjoy the tasks! So, this week? My personal goal is to organize all my makeup that I have received lately from E.L.F. and toss out all the expensive stuff that no longer is necessary. I will be on the hunt for pretty organizing boxes that approximately 4.75 inches square.....preferably white. Ah, the joy of combining a compulsive personality with an external schedule.......

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