Monday, May 16, 2011

Life is so much sweeter with a grandbaby in town!

Giselle spent the afternoon yesterday busy with the easel we picked up for her at Ikea. She was using the paint and paper, and has yet to discover the chalk board and whiteboard features! That will come during the week. MARKERS! Is there anything better, really? She certainly has a long attention span for a little one, and kept herself occupied painting away in the corner for ages, with just a little help fromher Mum. Her very smart mother had stripped her down to her Pampers, so there was absolutely no worries about "mess"...something that always gets in the way of creativity!

The child is such a joy,and possibly the brightest star in the heavens...for her old grandparents that is! She wore Rick out at the park accross the street, using the play structures in unusual ways. Of course, Grampa (Dampa) has all the patience in the world, so they were out there for ages while my dear, dear, daughter-in-law and I finished our tea and discussed the woes of the world!

There is something really special about being a kid in the spring time. The smell of new skipping ropes does something to me stil! I think in our little minds, we think that winter will never end, and there will be snow forever! Especially those north of 60, since basically, you do have snow forever, don't you?

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