Monday, May 30, 2011


The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the breeze is blowing and my sneezing is never ending! Yep, I am living proof that allergy season is upon us! I finally smartened up and closed the bedroom window last night, and am planning on hibernating in the house with the air conditioning! The desired effect is starting to be accomplished. I don't quite feel like death warmed over anymore. But, it remains to be seen if this body is capable of motion! My list of TO DO's is rather short...eliminate visible dust, vacuum what I can't see. Since I have decluttered our home quite well, it is simply a matter of running my micro cloth over the surfaces and pushing around that dandy little purple marvel. Our furniture upstairs consists of of a desk, bookcase, file cabinet in my office, a dresser and two night tables in our master, and a highboy and night table in the spare room, a coffee table in the living room and chairs and a buffet in the dining room, it takes more time to type the list than it does to dust the furniture! It is great living simply, and scaling down even more will make things even easier one day. For now? We are content with the present things. For now? Time for a real Flylady Home Blessing!

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