Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekly Meal Plan January 25 to 31

So, here we go...week two of the big plan. I loved having all of the meals ready and waiting to go last week, so I hope this week works out well too. I will be on my own for one supper this week, but I must learn to cook for myself, and not take deadly shortcuts. Individual bags of Doritos are not meal replacements, although I am sure they are a lot tastier than Slimfast or Ensure! I have tried to limit my choices to meals that take minutes to prepare, yet give me a happy feeling at the end of the meal. There are some foods that you eat that as you are eating them, just don't make you feel in
"ohhhhh ohhhh...shouldn't have done that...where's the bathroom...".
My goal is to limit my choices to things that when eaten, leave me with
"Boy, that was really good!"
eggs & toast, milk, bacon
veggies & dip
oven fish and chips, cole slaw

oatmeal with raisins and cinnamon & milk, egg & toast
soup, crackers
Salad, baked Chicken breast, yams JELLO

scrambled eggs, dry fibre cereal & milk
veggies & dip
tossed salad, bison meatballs, rice

omelette with cheese, mushrooms, toast
Chicken breast stir fry veggies & rice, JELLO

eggs & toast, milk
Chicken Caesar salad with L/O chicken breast
Soup & crackers, JELLO

poached eggs on toast
vegetable stir fry with almonds
side salad, fish & potatoes

eggs, toast, bacon & milk

As the week wears on, and life happens, I can always switch things around a bit. I have a tendency to overbuy vegetables. I am working on buying "enough" each week, and since there is just the two of us, the shopping is pretty easy these days. I have learned, that fresh appeals to me rather than frozen. The other day, we had "reheated" meatloaf, and it just wasn't as good as the first time around. So, the moral of the story is to just make enough for one meal, or to plan leftovers within the next two days. I would love to have this worked out to a fine art so I will be able to just "tweak" the plans next year.

So, here we go...another week!

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