Sunday, January 25, 2009

And another weekend bites the dust...

We spent a good deal of time out and about this weekend, and found ourselves at Tim's for lunch both days.

Now, the good news is, that I have a hubby that will share...he doesn't like it much, but he does share! Yesterday, I had a bowl of chicken noodle soup to myself (I don't eat the noodles...just don't like them) and half of his whole wheat roll, and half of my 'soup' role. For a treat, I splurged on an apple fritter. Total calories:650.

Today? We shared an egg salad sandwich on whole wheat and yep, another half bowl of chicken soup, again minus the noodles. Just have a hankering for the stuff. It was a whopping 255 calories for my half of the meal. I had no idea that you could have a delish egg salad sandwich for only 390 calories, or I would have had one all to myself! Of course, that could explain why I am starving now!

I hate to speak too soon, but the scales are moving downward again...although it was "gained" weight that I am losing.

Tonight's dinner is fish and the oven of course. And then? Two movies and a major snore fest!

Total movement on the scale this week? 6.2 pounds. Can you believe it? It is mainly "travel" weight, and I am assuming a lot of water, but dare I repeat? WHO CARES! LOL

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