Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So, today's meals are:

Breakfast: two egg omelet with mushrooms and one slice of Swiss cheese, one slice of rye toast with 1 tsp of butter

Snack: orange

Lunch: 10 multi grain Crunchmaster crackers with a teaspoon of Philly herb and me, it would have been more but I am scraping the bottom of the container here! Diet grapefruit pop.

Supper: baked fish (cod loin), boiled potatoes and carrots

Snack: oranges

Now, nothing profound has happened, other than realizing that the battery in my scale is wearing out...where do you buy lithium batteries anyway? Sounds like a man thing to me, so delegate I will. My scale is important to me, being the obsessive kind of person that I am...I weigh myself three times to make sure that I am getting an accurate read. Today, I was only able to weigh myself a couple of times Seems like the travel weight is disappearing quickly...wish it would all go this fast so I could be one of the ones that loses ten pounds in as many minutes! But, I am much too jaded to think that would even be a remote possibility. Stay the course, count the calories and hope for the best is my plan!

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