Thursday, February 14, 2008

What is for dinner this week....

Friday: Pork Pie with mixed salad ... 9 points for 1/6 of a pie. But soooooo tasty and filling! You just have to find someone to dump the leftovers on, QUICK!

Saturday: Chicken Florentine with Garden Salad ....haven't figured out this one yet, but it doesn't look too bad. It has only 1/2 cup of mayo and 1/2 cup of sour cream, 1 cup of cheddar for 9 portions. I would rather have a little of the real deal that a ton of unsatisfying "almost" flavours. If you load up on the "freebie" side dishes, a little goes a long way. This one will freeze well though, and provide another meal later in the month. It will be good to come home to something ready to just pop into the oven at the end of our trip.

Sunday: Cod Fillets with onions and julienned veggies in Parchment paper, with cream sauce and steamed potatoes.....very low but has a real "wow" factor when you present it to your guests.

Monday: Bison Barbecue Sauced Meat Balls with Rice...Sobey's carries ground bison now, that is great for cutting down the points! And I prefer the taste over beef. So lean! This is the standard ketchup, brown sugar, vinegar mix that wins you brownie points with all the fellas!

Tuesday: Pork Tenderloin with Mashed Potatoes & Green Giant Creamed corn .... comfort food at it's best.

Wednesday: Beef & Pepper stir fry .... loaded with veggies, and with the steak sliced as thin as your mother-in-law's appreciation of her son's choice in women! If you put the rice on top of the stir fry, it won't dissappear, and it seems more generous.

Thursday: Sausage with Red Cabbage, onions & apples, roasted Baby Potatoes (yep. Sausage. They have great turkey sausage at Costco now that I just love! And you can even have TWO!!!)

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