Sunday, February 24, 2008

Omaha, I love you.

We have been here since Friday, and I must say this place is a well kept secret. Friendly, clean and best of all? Home to the best sales I have ever found. The count so far is three pairs of high leather boots and six pairs of shoes, four nighties, four bras, three, a pair of black leggings, three pairs of dress pants, three sweaters, two velour track suits, two new winter coats and fifty new hangers for storage at home! Rick bought a few little things as well, but nothing as exciting as leather goods! As if finding boots that slip on like a glove weren't enough, they were on sale for 75% off. Seems that I have gone down a full size so far, and there is more of a difference between the larger sizes than there is between the smaller sizes, so hopefully next fall I can do this all again! Even my shoes are one size smaller. Yep. Omaha!I love you.

So, today the man is working the trade show at the Qwest cennter accross the street, and I am resting up for another shopping day tomorrow. Breakfast is MY meal of the day, and since it is complimentary here, it suits me just fine to load up in the morning and go on half rations the rest of the day. That saves both energy and funds for shopping. Yesterday we had tilapia filets. The portions are so big here that you only need one meal for two people, so I order salad and soup, and we share it all! Think Lady and the Tramp when we have dinner! However, I really am not expecting to lose while we are travelling, but I hope not to gain either! It is going up to 45 degrees F so we feel as if we are in the tropics. We left Winnipeg in a deep cold! But I hear it is warming up a bit there now can only hope. It is February, so it isn't over yet! Just hope that the weather is good for the trip back. Mind you, we will have extra traction with the way the Freestyle is loadin' up!

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