Thursday, February 14, 2008

Green Tea

My latest "lifestyle change" has been a switch to green tea. Glenda has been on to this one for a long time, but all of a sudden, I just enjoy the flavour. According to somebody on daytime TV last week, you can lose ten pounds a year by changing your coffee to green tea. I don't think it has any particularly magical properties, but not having cream and sugar in every cup could be the trick in those stats! At any rate, I am giving it a try, and I am quite enjoying it.

Otherwise? I am still slugging away. Today, I wrote up a menu plan, complete with grocery list for the coming week. Too many episodes of "Fixing Dinner". As if I have a harried lifestyle these days! But, I do need to keep on the straight and narrow with the intake. Amazing how you can pare down recipes that you have been making for years, and make them a little more "friendly". Cooking is appealing to me again, as I have had a rather interesting menu while Rick was in day, I ate bananas for two meals. Original fast food. Just had a craving for them, and it didn't seem to affect the blood sugars adversly at all....but I won't make a habit of it! I did dip them into the sugar bowl though, and forgot to clean it out before Rick came home...there were sighs and banana "flicks" in the kitchen this morning. I didn't have the courage to tell him to just throw the sugar away, and start fresh. Anyone out there married to a Scot? LOL

Anyway, another day, I hit the oranges and pretzels. I am still "hovering" with my weight, going up, going down. It has been so cold here, that likely the pounds have frozen right where they are, and won't budge till spring! I envy those that only have a few pounds to lose. I am down
38 pounds from my highest weight, and it has been such slow going. But the days will pass if you do one thing or the other, so the thing I want to do, is keep up the healthy munching. At this rate, though, it will take until I get my first pension check to lose it all! God willing that I can achieve both!

Back to reality. We are off to a convention in Nebraska next week, so I am trying to eat up the pantry, and not leave any fresh food to spoil while we are away. I have even adjusted our grocery list to include the amounts of veg, etc. that I recquire for the week, so I won't have tons of potatoes when I really only need to have two for our meals. The only problem is, that I don't want to over organize, because that is a recipe for failure, if you ask me. But the fact remains that food is needed for breakfast and lunches too....not to mention the snacks. It seems to me that we should have a big sack of food available and just have people kibble for those two meals. Right. They call it SlimFast, don't they? Yuck! Back to the drawing board!

Hope you are all surviving this bitter cold. I haven't found the plug in for the block heater on my new car yet, but haven't had any troubles starting the far, that is! Any trials and tribulations out there with your menus? Any suggestions for good lunch foods, breakfasts that don't recquire brain power to fix first thing in the morning?

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