Monday, November 2, 2015

Konmari Method

If you haven't had the pleasure of listening to this lovely woman, take the time and find her videos on Youtube. I have confessed to an obsession with tidy drawers, but never in my life have I managed to keep them that way. Until I found this method of folding.  My dresser has never looked neater!  Everything is easily accessed because it is all visible, so there is no rooting through all of the items to find the one you want. I seem to have one challenge. That is folding the items to be the same size. It seems though, that when they are all neatly placed in the drawer, it doesn't seem to matter that some parcels are a little longer, or a little fatter than the others. They just stand there neatly waiting for their turn to be worn. So if you have a moment or two to make  a huge difference in your organizing life, check out the KonMari method. You will not be sorry.

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