Saturday, June 27, 2009

It is a real pain to have to get rid of gluten. The funniest things have wheat in them...but you know? After we cleaned out the cupboards, I really wasn't too sorry to see the stuff go. Pasta? I don't really like it...I bought some rice pasta to put in my soups, and some cellophane oriental noodles. The boxed Annie's white cheddar and macaroni kinda broke my heart when we said goodbye, but what can you do....time changes relationships.

Now my kitchen has just a few things in it that I can not eat. Rick has some crackers and some cookies, and a few canned soups for dining on his own. And he gets all of that lovely battered cod, and the breaded chicken strips, too. Until they are all gone, I will just cook myself some fish or chicken seperately from his.

On the way home yesterday, we ordered a big salad for lunch and instead of garlic toast or rolls, we split some french fries. I am working on the gluten, not the calories. But it was filling and good, and I am sure not that much more calorie dense than butter soaked garlic toast. Tonight our supper was a big smokie sausage each ( which turned out to be half of one for me, and one and a half for Rick) and "store bought" potato salad and coleslaw. I made two slices of the multiseed bread we bought this afternoon. It was wonderful. Really. Quick and good, too. Then peanut butter squares for dessert. Oh my - how I am suffering. It felt so good to be hungry for supper for a change. For the last few months, by the time supper came around I just wasn't in the mood. And no wonder. I poisoned myself first thing every morning. As the day went on? I got sicker and sicker. Constantly queasy. Well, now that I have literaly tossed the cookies, maybe I won't feel so sick. It really is true that people won't change until they have to, isn't it? I knew all this time that I shouldn't be eating gluten, but thought all that I was doing was trading having a bloated belly for bread. I didn't realize that Celiacs was serious - but it is, and now I do! The internet is a great educational tool. The only way of managing Celiac disease, is through diet. Eliminating all flour, and grains containing gluten.

So now I have to find time to bake gluten free goodies. I have my order coming with a stash of breads, bagels and muffins, so I have time to figure out how to bake stuff myself. And of course, the all gluten free store is just down the street. They only bake on Saturdays though, and you pretty much have to take what they have to give you. But it is soooooo good! I imagine it is all a matter of getting there and trying it all out - a hard job, but I am willing to do it, if that peanut butter square and loaf of bread is any indication of things to come! I also bought a few mixes to start me off....a little addition here, a little addition there....who knows what will turn up from my oven!

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