Saturday, June 27, 2009


So, we are back from visiting my sister in Saskatoon.

While there? I followed her gluten-free diet...believe me, she doesn't suffer. We had potato if there is a definition of contraband, there it is....I was a total salad hog! Anyway, the result of "suffering" by her side? Well this may be too much information for the more delicate readers, but man! I pooped like a race horse! The constant nausea went away. I have energy again. Years ago, in the seventies, I was told that I had a gluten intolerance by my doctor, and made the effort to convert. Well, several hundred dollars later (ill spent on gluten free flours that I didn't know how to use) I threw in the towel. I thought I was trading bloat for bread. There is so much more to it, but it is all ancient history now, so not worth going into. The bottom line is that 'we have come a long way, Baby' and gluten free is good. You can even buy bread! I don't care what it is if it is crunchy and I can eat it with my eggs! This winter, I was basically just poisoning myself, and my body had reached the point where it just couldn't take it anymore. So, now? After a few days? I am feeling so much better. Not lethargic at all. I am chomping at the bit to start cleaning house and making noise...Rick is snoozing still, so you get the benefit of my energies this morning!

So, today's quest is to hit the local stores to see what they have to offer. I put in an order for breads, bagels, etc. from so I can take my time finding local things. In an odd way? It is exciting. I don't know how this will affect the weight I am packing, but who cares. I am old, loved and gorgeous... and by the way? Not full of it anymore! I do hope the elimination benefits continue. Nothing better in this world than good elimination!

When I was reading all about what happens to your body when you are gluten intolerant, it made so much sense why I was holding onto the poundage but not consuming a lot of calories. Hopefully this will break the barrier and I can loose a little lard, but the main thing is, I am not ready to go back to bed, and it is already ten in the morning. AND time for breakfast!

This will be very interesting.

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