Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Home but hiding...

from the cold! Today the temp is -9ºF, fut with the wind chill it is wicked. It was 81ºF the day we left Kansas City, and by the time we hit Fargo, we were looking for our gloves and boots again! It will be winter even longer in the great white north, where we are heading in a couple of weeks. My poor old cells are in shock.

So, the shopping everywhere was amazing. There were bargains galore, and no crowds to fight with...the economic conditions are freaking people out. But this is certainly the time to shop! I found just about everything on my list of necessary basics. I tried to find a white shirt that looked good, but really? I never could wear stiff fabrics, even when slim. On others, shirts look crisp. On me? They just look like a white bread bag. I need fabrics that conform to the curves, not hang from biggest circumference! So, soft cotton things won. Hippy dippy clothing that I haven't seen in forty years? How could I resist! Psychedelic prints are classics, are they not?

I did however, buy some sensible 'age appropriate' things for when 'lady attire' is required. No one said I had to be dull in my everyday life though! Even my lady gear is full of bright colours. I bought a Nine West bag in red patent, and a dressy puffy purse in purple. Nice neutrals!

The basics include:
red trench coat with lining that matches
a tunic that goes with
and a skirt. I bought
dressy blouses,
two pairs of black JEANS! YEAH ME!
Tunic length tshirts both long and short sleeved.

Into this mix, I will add my black Capri's and khaki Capri's from last year...hopefully my dresses will still work well for another year, because it was impossible to find new ones in the stores.

Another trip south of the border is absolutely necessary for airy summer clothes

Catherine's Dress Store was absolute disappointment. For some reason they have decided that big women need to dress like a doddering old grandmother in the old folk's home, and frankly, I would find that offensive even if I did nothing other than stare at Jerry Springer and drool all day.

Avenue, on the other hand, had moderate funky styles that worked for me, yet didn't give that hootchy mama impression. I also found a few pairs of canvas flats for around the house, and a pair for summer wear. Plus a couple of pairs of good for your feet Cobbie Cuddlers. Sigh. It was great!

I really wish Canadians had the choice of clothing that our American friends have....I am so sick of "Frumps-R-Us" that we are stuck with here!

Rick was so patient as it literally took hours of fitting room time to get the bounty I brought back! He patiently found a chair and occupied himself with his Blackberry. Lord, I dearly love that man!

Now that we are home? It is so good to be back in my kitchen again, and I have lost five of the travel pounds I gained as of this morning. My body does not like being in a car for hours or fueling up in restaurants, so it rebels by retaining all the water it can! Losing that bloat can't happen fast enough for me, as we are on the road again in two weeks time. Until then? Here is my planned menu for the week. I have everything in the house but one item, so that will be easy enough to pick up during the week, when I go out and about flashing my new denim clad butt! I can not tell you how good it feels to have real denim jeans on my body after all of these years. It has taken a long time, but I am going to get there! I will never be one of the testimonials that say it was so quick and simple. It has been a long and arduous journey, and it won't get easier, I am sure. But I am resolved to stay the course, and even if it is ten pounds a year, I will consider myself successful.

eggs & toast, milk, bacon (I buy the precooked Kirkland that is 80 calories for two slices, and blot every bit of fat that I can from it)
ham and cheese sandwich
chili and buns

milk, egg & toast
soup, crackers
chicken, rice, vegetable

scrambled eggs & bacon, toast & milk
veggies & dip
tuna casserole, tossed salad

scrambled eggs, toast & spread
cucumber & cream cheese sandwich
bangers and mash, creamed corn

eggs & toast, milk
crackers and cheese
Chicken breast stir fry veggies & rice, JELLO

poached eggs on toast
Croque Monsieur (ham and cheese sandwich dipped in egg and cooked in non stick fry pan) MMMM good.
side salad, fish & potatoes

eggs, toast, bacon & milk

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