Friday, October 8, 2010

Not blogging quite so much....

It is all part of trying to let go of the 'calorie counting' 'food worry' thing. I am still not sold,because how long have we been told that we are fat because we eat too much? I have found a way to work around it - is this cheating? I simply eat three or four meals of no more than five hundred calories each. I know that is a bit of a cheat because I am to turn myself loose with wild abandon, but how can you break the habit of a lifetime? I have noticed that when I don't keep track of my food, I tend to veer off the path easily, forgetting entire meals or food groups! I have been blessed or cursed with a short memory....the blessing is that I don't hold a grudge, and the curse is that I will forget who you are! LOL

ANYWAY I do have a problem after about four o'clock. All desire to eat leaves after that, and the most appealing thing to me is perhaps a bowl of soup and a good TV program! So, I have decided to go with that natural rhythm as well. Trick is to remember to have a bite before bed so not to upset the sugars, though. When I am roused from my big chair at two in the morning to go to bed? The last thing I want to do is eat a snack. I am overcoming this with orange juice and yogurt. Not near the five hundred calories, but still enough to keep me until the morning.

This morning, we went to Meyers to stock up on gluten free food. Six mini Ciabatta loaves (about the size of a Costco bun each) a baby pumpkin pie! MM MM PIE! Cinnamon buns too! Dinner rolls, hot dog rolls....yes, I do eat those disgusting things, and once more? I LIKE them! We picked up some cornflakes, vanilla wafers, panko bread crumbs and last but not least? Some corn pasta! I love my dear daughter-in-law's spaghetti sauce, and am really looking forward to her making it for me as soon as possible! Best to have it in the house, ready for the opportunity! The down side is that this bit of shopping took the better part of eighty dollars. But a little goes a long way, and this will do well into December if not past.

Breakfast: two eggs, a tomato, three strips of bacon and a glass of skim milk. I have taken to "frying" the bacon in the oven. I line the pan with Slide foil, put the strips of bacon in the pan and place it under the broiler. It is done to perfection in minutes. No smelly house, no flipping the bacon constantly. I end up with perfectly crispy bacon, and virtually no mess at all. The fat is easy to wrap up in the foil right after breakfast, so cleanup is a breeze.

Lunch: two little gf cinnamon buns, with butter and a glass of milk. OOOOO I am such a rebel! I have not had a cinnamon bun in literally years. And you know? It wasn't all that great. I am even sharing them with the man. If something good gluten free comes my way? He doesn't even get to smell it!

I am definitely craving veggies now,though.A spinach and mushroom salad for supper will sure be good! There is some ground bison in the frig as we speak so a simple patty will make a great protein choice for supper. Well, that is the plan...unless I lose interest!

** I most certainly did lose interest. We went shopping tonight, and when the man got hungry, we shared a small strawberry shake and large fries from McDonalds.

That little splurge was just a tad under 625 calories. Still, it could have been much worse. Definitely a calorie splurge, but not a disaster. It made me wonder. If there were that many calories in half of the fries and shake, what must the calorie count be for fries, and a burger and a shake all to yourself? It boggles my mind. The mystery remains. Why on earth can you always find room for crap? There was a ton of calories that just went down so salty, one sweet taste after another! A lethal combination.

In addition? When we stopped off at a friend's for coffee? There was dried mango just begging to be consumed! Who am I to argue with such a generous hostess? Don't the rules say that she has to add the calories to her day in the name of hospitality?

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