Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hobknobbing with the Rich and Infamous

We are back in town after a real whirlwind of activity!

First stop? Regina for a few days - the highlight of our stay there was going to a "Celebration of Life" at the Hotel Saskatchewan. The event was amazing from appetizer to creme brule! I tried not to count the calories as I chowed down, but it is so second nature, that I couldn't stop myself! The meal was beautiful as well as gluten free so I enjoyed every bite. Such luxury comes not too often in my life, and I was determined to enjoy every moment, every sip and every bite. The entertainment was amazing. A young couple with operatic voices beyond belief, and a belly dancer to boot! All in all? We had a wonderful time. Breakfast was always in the hotel dining room, although only once did I cave in and have Eggs Benedict...without the English muffin, of course. Very tasty indeed, and a real treat.

On Saturday, we moved on to Saskatoon. My sister was under the weather, so she did not feed us like a couple of French geese having our livers expanded for fois gras! There is definitely something to be said for visiting her after a surgery! While we were there, we went to an event sponsored party at a Dude Ranch. The highlight of that affair was "pitchfork steak". What is that, you well may ask. Well, it is a perfectly good steak submerged in oil and deep fried. Everyone else seemed to like it but me. I like my steaks charred a bit if it is going to be cooked outdoors, thank you very much! Although I wasn't overly impressed, it was good to see the same crowd again...Mine Rescue Conference, I believe. After awhile? Everything sort of fades together and you lose track of who belongs where!

We then moved on to a Fire Emergency Services Conference in Brandon. Since I know absolutely no one in Brandon, I had quality time to stay in the suite and watch TV and read my book...with ample naps in between the two activities. At long last we arrived home yesterday, just in time to buy a few groceries at Costco, wash the car, unpack our suitcases then joyously crash in front of the television to dream once more. It is so good to be home!

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