Sunday, February 15, 2009

Who would have thought?

That avocados could be so versatile? Our bean soup at lunch today was accompanied by a multi grain tortilla, spread with roasted red pepper hummus and filled with half of a diced avocado. I bought these for the simple reason that they are a good source of MUFA's but turns out? I quite like them! Besides being tasty, this wrap was so pretty...I am ashamed of myself for not taking a picture, but who knows? It is tempting to change the menu plan to include another wrap tomorrow. Not a great calorie saver, but right now, I am trying to improve the nutritional quality of my diet.

I am also tracking the way I feel after a meal or snack too, and have determined not to eat anything in the future that makes me feel 'queasy'. So, definitely it is out with the white cheddar popcorn I had while watching our movie tonight. I definitely did not have a good feeling after eating that stuff. In fact? I am still harbouring digestive "resentment"! I figure in about a year I should have a short list of things to avoid.

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