Friday, February 13, 2009


So, I bought a bag of the little darlings yesterday, made some guacamole that hubby loved and that turned me inside out. Hmmm. Now what to make with them?

While waking up this morning, I caught a segment of Chef at Home or some such title..he was making tuna salad with an avocado, and olive oil. Now, this may work. Some parsley, a little onion (think that is the culprit for me, so will make it without this time)drizzle of oil and a squeeze of citrus. Salt and pepper. Too easy. So, guess that will be lunch today. It was interesting not to have the usual mayonaisse, but really, the calories are about the same. This will make a nice light change. He molded them with a custard cup, and it made a nice presentation. And we all know, looks are everything! Ah, the things you can learn from television!

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