Thursday, January 17, 2013

Crackers and Jam Who Knew?

So, I am struggling along with the new changes. That is totally said with tongue in cheek, of course. How hard can it be to add such delectable things?  

This morning, I had (1/4 cup before cooking) oatmeal with a tablespoon of  brown sugar and a glass of milk. Lunch was a cream cheese and cucumber sandwich with a bowl of romaine, onion and apple salad. I just polished off a snack of gluten free crackers and two tablespoons full of fruit spread, and I am thinking of all the lovely options there are for my evening meal!  It will likely involve a fish fillet and baked potato of some sort, with whatever I can dig up for vegetables.  Possibly an onion, beet and goat cheese salad to start with perhaps a side of green beans garnished with toasted almonds?

The pickin's are getting pretty sparse!  I am down to the last dregs of produce in my refrigerator.  I have a list as long as my arm of all the foods that will work well for me now that I am back in the carb eating world, and I know for a fact I can easily buy them all without worrying that they will go bad. No longer will I have to limit the carbs so severely.  The basic plan is to include 30 - 45 grams of carb with every meal and 15 for each snack.  The diet may not do anything for the scale, but it is doing wonders for my moral!  And the best thing is, that my sugars have leveled out to just where they need to be, pretty well through the day.  I really have an appetite now - something that I really haven`t had in quite a while. Why bother feeling hungry when you can`t eat my body was saying!  Well, now, it reminds me that it is feeding time at the zoo before I even glance at the clock. Life is good!

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